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Bright Star in the Eastern Morning Sky 

If you live in New England and wake up early enough you will see a very bright star over the next couple days in the eastern morning sky about 45° up from the horizon.

We are Losing Our Humanity

We as a society have gone from sending a handwritten letter, knowing that the party won't read it for a few days or picking up a phone to call someone - to instant email transmissions, instant messaging, texting, KIKing and Facebooking every nuance of our lives and expecting instant communication. We have detached ourselves through our technology.

The Cask of Amontillado – by Edgar Allan Poe

My friend, Sue the Raven brought once again my attention down upon the cask that had been forgotten in the catacombs so long ago. So I bid your attention to one of my best-loved stories... by Mr. Edgar Allan Poe

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