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Twisted Thursday: How to Drive like an A**hole

I saw this morning and just had to share it. My friend Doug Dutcher recently shared this and I just had to pass it along. Sadly, I am looking at the video going "Yep, that's me. Yep, that's me too."

The Building of the Pyramids – Excerpt from: The Ter’roc: Evolution

The intense Egyptian sun beat down upon the parched sand. A lone buzzard circled in the distance, no doubt spotting a rare meal in this unforgiving, scorched land. Kanofer sat on the veranda in the sliver of shade provided from the Egyptian sun. He was working on a drawing for the pharaoh. His son sat beside him playing a game that the boy’s mother had taught him with a stone ball and a cup.

Friday Food: Get Your Yummy Fries Here!

I'm a fry guy - die hard in fact. I love my spuds. Maybe it's the Irish half of me? I don't know. I own a deep fryer at home and love making homemade steak fries, no batter, no extra stuff... just potatoes, canola oil and some sea salt. They melt in your mouth and have my boys begging for more.

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